Monday, 24 October 2011

When insomnia Strikes

Evening guys,

I know that this post may not fit into the Beauty title of my blog but I also want to consider my blog my space to occasionally write about what's going on with me. I suppose lack of sleep can and does impact on beauty and the look of health that we all want to attain, I have certainly noticed that my glow is disappearing and being replaced by a general look of being knackered.

Not to bore everyone with the ins and outs of it all I will just say this, I am on ALOT of medication at the moment for a chronic pain condition and I have been for 2 years. It seems that it has caught up with me like a big old kick up the backside and the way that it is showing its self amongst other signs is insomnia. Now I, like everyone have had that annoying night of clock watching and not being able to sleep and also nights of pain when of course you can't sleep but man this is a new experience for me.
Yes I still have the pain but I am just not sleeping at all. Fair enough in the last few years I have been going to bed earlier but I never lie in the dark 4 hours after the H2B has fell a sleep.
Tonight I have had enough so I have gotten up made a cup of herbal tea with honey and decided to spill a bit on here and who knows you may have some tips for me?

The past two weeks has may be been the worst. I lie in bed so tired that my eyes are dry and my mind is burnt out yet sleep never comes. I have been in a bath to soothe the pain, listened to relaxation tapes and even tried self hypnosis all with no joy. So what to do?
In the mornings I could pass as a extra in The walking dead and it takes me a good while to feel human only to repeat everything again. I seem to be loosing any joy in the small 'Sam' things too. I used to love looking at make up and bath websites and filling up my imaginary shopping carts or reading but... meh

I have a lot of beauty stuff that I want to and will blog about in the next few days and weeks I guess I am just putting a bit more of me in to this blog for now too.

Like I said any tips would be welcome or if you are going through this too and need someone to sound off to that is cool  as at least we will know that we are not alone.
Now I am going to finish this cup of tea and go and try again to sleep, Wish me luck.

Much Love
Sam x

Photo credited to ironically a sleep website

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