Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Testing Bobbi Brown Beach collection

According to reports us Brits are going on less summer holidays than in years passed, in fact more than 17 million of us are staying at home to save money. So we have to find ways to bring the holiday atmosphere to us! Hopefully we will get some sort of hot weather so we can pack in some lovely sunny weekends, eating outside and going for a nice walk some where new. I think for us girls though the holiday feeling goes further. When I pack to go away it's my cosmetic bag that I always pack first, to be honest it's the same for my wedding, I already know what I will be putting in my freshen up bag!
There are certain things that transport us back to sunnier climates, foods we have eaten, drinks that we have sipped or downed depending on your tastes lol To me I have scents and lotions, even make up that I pop on to transport me some where else, especially when I'm having a bad day.

Being a HUGE Bobbi Brown fan I was really excited to be given the chance to test out some of Bobbi's body care. Bobbi's skin and body care is possibly less talked about than her iconic make up so it was interesting to see how the skincare matched up.
For the summer of 2010 Bobbi released her Beach collection and some of these products have followed through to this summer. I tested the Beach shower gel and body lotion.
The packaging whilst quite plain is really classy and in true Bobbi Brown style.
I used the shower gel first, you only need the tiniest bit to get masses of lather and the smell just filled the bathroom and lasted forever. To me the smell is pure summer.It's nice that there is not a coconut smell to it as this is what companies normally base their summer products around, instead you can smell the sea, it's a bit tropical and floral at the same time. I think if you are lucky enough to go on holiday this year this shower gel will make it in to your summer memories.
It makes sense that it smells like the sea as one of the ingredients is sea kelp. The gel is fantastic for the hot weather as it's moisturising as you wash and it comes in a handy tube so there is no waste.

All in all this shower gel fits summer perfectly. Does everything a high end shower gel should do and brings Bobbi Brown luxury to the shower. Big thumbs up from me!
Now where can I hide it away from H2B?

£20 for 200ml
Exclusive to Selfridge's and online

Tomorrow... Can the lotion live up to the shower gel?

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