Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Detox with Vitox

Although I am blessed with naturally blonde hair it is not without it's maintenance. People with highlighted hair have to maintain it with regular hair dresser visits and also shampoo for coloured hair, I however have hair that could of come off a baby as in baby fine. Along with that comes the grease...Grease is the word baby!
My maintenance is a good Detox at least once a month and a mild clarifying shampoo EVERY DAY!
I am forever jealous of people that are able to have that day after wear ability, although I do wonder how hard it must be to shower without getting it wet or steamy under the shower cap, Yes I know I am sad!
The thought that I can't wash my hair on the day of my wedding is giving me nightmares, the hairdresser is just gonna have to spray the hell out of my hair  I aint skipping a wash!

Rant over I have actually found a product that will benefit both the highlighted beauties,  greasy baby hairs like me or indeed some one just wanting a pick me up.
Loise Galvin has come up with a great Detox or should I say Vitox for hair.

Apologies for the lack of photography, My camera is temporarily of action ...ooopppsss

Any way back to Vitox... As you can see from the pic you get three little bottles of liquid and three pots of powder. The fun bit is you mix them together in the big pot they come in, then you shake like a maraca. You then just pop the foam(of which there is masses) over damp but not wet hair. You leave it only for 3 minutes, so if it's a pep up before going out treatment this is ideal.
I might of left mine on for a little longer but that was just because I didn't have a timer. When I washed the foam off my hair it already felt clean before shampoo even touched my head.
Washed, conditioned (left on for a little longer) and dried my hair looked ok. It was a little pepped up and my natural high lights were a bit brighter so I was moderately pleased.
It was not until the next day that I saw the results that are important to my hair issues. Normally as soon as I wake up my hair needs washing, after using this my hair was as fresh looking as the day before! I did promise myself that I wasn't going to wash my hair but I am not going to lie to you, I washed my hair because that's what I do every day. After that second wash my hair shone!

I did test it on my Sister in law who does have dyed blonde hair that goes brassy after about two weeks after getting it done. Now on her hair it got rid of the brassy tones, brought the highlights out making them look fresher.I was concerned because her hair is dryer than mine that it could of turned it to straw but for some reason it did the opposite. I dried her hair and straightened it so I could say I was there till the bitter end, and it was all easier than normal and believe me I get called on a lot do her hair lol

What they said:

Louise Galvin has created a pioneering Vitamin C hair de-tox to brighten highlights that are looking lacklustre and remove environmental or product build up.  This gentle Vitamin C formulation is a natural highlight brightener to restore shine and clarity to your blonde hair.
Louise says “Vitox is also the perfect holiday hair pick-me-up for hair that may have taken on a khaki hue through swimming in chlorine. It can even be used as a clarifying process before under going a colourtreatment. 
The combination contains Vitamins C&E, powerful antioxidants for healthy hair, Vitamin B3, necessary for healthy hair growth, Vitamin B5 to maintain moisture levels and Vitamin B6, an essential element to maintain the health of your hair.
Whether you are preparing for your holiday, or already on holiday, Louise Galvin’s Vitox is the perfect detox for you hair.

 My final Thoughts:

                                  I think my rambles said it all. I was surprised in the end by this hair system. I will be getting it again in the run up to my wedding as I now totally believe in the power of the Vitox! Worth trying to pep up your hair!
FYI : Advised as not to be used on uncoloured grey hair

Get yours
£25 for three treatments

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