Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Bare Minerals Skin care

Having tried the Bare Minerals foundations and Mineral veil kit and loving it, I thought that I would branch out and try the new skin care line.
After watching so many demo's on my favourite channel QVC I hit the red button and ordered the 30 day try me kit.
For £22.74 I got to try out 60ml of the Naturally Luminous Purifying cleanser
30ml of the Purely Nourishing Moisturiser for combination skin and
5ml of the firming eye treatment.
I swatched the creams for you, the top is the moisturiser and bottom you have the eye cream.

For the money the sizes are fantastic and after a months use are still going well.

They say the main ingredient is Rare minerals Active Soil complex, don't worry it looks and smells nothing like soil thank goodness!

Starting with the cleanser, I like it. You get a nice foam that feels luxurious and not synthetic, it cleaned my face really well and I did not break out using it. As the line promises no Synthetic fragrances and no artificial oils I would think it's suitable for all skin types really. 
You only need a teeny bit to do you whole face so I think this 60ml size will see me past my weeks break in July. My pores have been starting to look bigger on my face which I think is due to ageing but after using my face wash they did look smaller to me. With any skin care it is a good testament when people tell you how well you look when you are wearing no make up at all and this is what happened to me after using this.

The moisturiser:
I have changed, recently to anti-ageing moisturisers but I pushed them all a side to give this a go.
After using it for a few weeks I have actually come to the conclusion that for me, this moisturiser is great as a make up primer. It leaves my skin matte, yet still soft and my make up goes on and stays on longer when applied over the top of this. As I am on a lot of medication I need a bit more moisture than this gives me but it gets major thumbs up because of the primer effect.

Eye cream:

I feel at ease using this on my eye lid as well as under my eyes as it feels very gentle to me. I have not noticed my shadows going anywhere but this cream never promised that. I would love to go in to more depth on the eye cream but alas I can't as my H2B has taken and hidden it as he has secretly fallen in love with using it, but for me this shows that it's a great product because he wouldn't bother if it did not work!

All in all I am giving the Bare Minerals a thumbs up! I will be packing it in my bag for my break in Whitby and would recommend anyone to give it a go It is great value.


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