Monday, 6 June 2011

My confession

I have a problem, I thought I had it sorted with a purchase at Christmas but I have been a naughty girl and kept spending.
I am talking about where I put my oodles of make up and brushes etc. I started off with one make up bag and at the age of 27 ended up with 5 and a pot plus a bag for my brushes. I then swapped over to one of those plastic draw stacks but got fed up at my make up rolling about and tbh had a few casualties of smashed powders and they were all my favourites.
At Christmas I was watching QVC and a 'Make up storage system' as it was called came on. Now at over £40 including postage, it was a thinker and I also begrudge paying QVC postage as in my opinion it's always quite hefty at QVC. I procrastinated over spending that kind of money on what essentially  was a box, a pretty box but a box all the same.

Now as you can see it is beautiful and also quite a good size. The front lays flat and then the sides come out leaving plenty of compartments for compacts, bottles and pots. It looks big enough doesn't it? Pretty yep?

This is what has happened lol. Organised to start with and then through shopping trips and not throwing any thing out it is getting to the point where I need to buy another! Or shock horror I could throw some stuff out but I think that won't be what I go for lol I also have a separate roll for brushes!

How do you store your make up? Are you organised or a organised wanna be? Drop me a comment and let me know and I will let you know if I cave and buy another lol

For a total cost of £40.95


  1. Wow what a great find! I hate that all my brushes and things are on view, it looks so messy (the way I keep them all it does anyway... I mean REALLY who has time to tidy?! lol)

    I'm super tempted by this, it's so pretty! I try not to watch QVC 'cos it inevitably makes me want to buy stuff I never even considered owning but after watching the show I ABSOLUTELY NEED! lol

  2. Lol Serafina,
    I am considering buying my second, if they have it on easy pay it's not too bad.
    I just wish they could come up with a larger one for cleanser and toner bottles ect

    Thanks for your comment x