Saturday, 4 June 2011

Eau de Sisley 3 Was it for me?

If you have read some of the posts on this blog you will know that I have a skincare addiction that spreads out to include Make up and hair care. I am also crazy for perfumes. I love the way that Perfumes and Aftershaves bring back so many memories of places and good times. They can also define a person, for example when I smell Creed silver mountain water my H2B pops in to my head and I smile.
I have many bottles of perfumes including a bottle of creed but there is also one that you go back to time and time again. You also find it difficult to stray from certain smells ie you are either a fruity person or citrus/floral . That's why I think it is always a mine field to buy people a bottle of perfume unless it is the exact one they wear.
So when I opened a parcel very kindly sent to me by the guys at Sisley included a bottle of perfume I was a bit worried on how I would write about it as it was not in the fruity spectrum that I normally go for.

I love the box on this perfume, simple yet distinctive, the bottle looks very ornate and a little bit retro in my thoughts. 
Now when I read the info on this perfume I was convinced it would not be for me.

This is what Sisley say:

Surprisingly Addictive,
eau de Sisley 3 is a seductive dress adorned with sparkling
red rubies. 

It intrigues by its joyous note of stimulating Citrus. Its strong tonic combination emerges from the subtle succession of fresh notes: precious essence of Bergamot, sparkles of Tangerine, bitterness of Grapefruit, and Tangy Lemon.

It dives, like an impulse, with lightness and elegance,into an exotic, sensual heart, happily fascinated by purple Ginger,softly voluptuous with an audacious hint of Chinese Osmanthus flower and traces of Peach and Apricot.

An elegant base note, fashioned by the force of Patchouli and Vetiver, the smoothness of Benjamin and Vanilla, and the softness of musk signs, with an enigmatic smile, the elegance of this scent. 

Teasing and aloof, eau de Sisley 3 is unexpected and whimsical.

What I thought:

I normally stay as far away from citrus scents as I can, I never feel that they are 'me' and they can be quite hard to wear.I tried this out on a Sunday lunch out with my in-laws and as soon as I sprayed it on I kinda fell in love with it. It reminds me of the luxury of Creed but is actually easier to carry off.
The citrus elements come in last when you smell it, I find that the warm notes come through first and by the time the citrus elements come through they lift the perfume so you don't feel the need to respritz. As soon as I came in to the room H2B commented on how lovely I smelled which says a lot that it was noticed, and the amount of compliments I got on that day not just from family, was amazing. The compliments have kept coming too.As cheesy as it is the perfume is Seductive and addictive.
I love spritzing this in my hair so when I let it down before I get into bed that lovely smell is there again. 
I thank Sisley for giving me the chance to try this perfume and it is a keeper that will be on my Lust for list for years to come.

Now the price of this is not in the normal Department store bracket but it is well worth not only the money but saving up for it too.

@ £94 for 100ml from Selfridges, Harrods and House of Fraser ect

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