Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A ramble to get through the week

Hey everyone,

 As time passes and I read more blog ect a lot of things go through my mind, Oh I wish my writing was as good as hers, I wish I was as thin as she is and most of all that I wish I had the courage to do You Tube video's. The first and second of these are a work in progress so you will not be hearing my Geordie tones for a while (I heard your sigh of relief!)
I have always really stuck to reading blogs but the more I have read the more I realised that I loved watching the uploads too and also I can learn a hell of a lot through these.

As I build up the courage to not be so shy I thought I would jot down this post to let you guy's know what I have loving this month.

Sleek make up is right at the top of the list. Call me a make up snob if you will but  because I see make up as a treat I stuck to high end brands before. I did not know what I was missing out on just under my nose! Now in the three weeks that I have been in love with Sleek I have built up quite a collection, the number of pallets I have I will let you know later as the H2B may read this lol. Next on my hit list are their Lip Paints and lip sticks. I actually get excited about special releases and have a note book listing all the products I want...sad huh? I can't see myself saying no to Sleek any time soon. If you have not seen the brand pop into Superdrug and I bet you will be hooked, but don't blame me!

The second thing that I have been loving and kind of links in to me opening ramble is the blog
Vivianna does make up. I have read each of her posts from the start and then progressed on to her You tube.  A stalker I am not however Vivianna has a fantastic way of describing her favourite products and makes no apologies for the fact that she loves Foundations and Lip sticks especially Mac.
I have already learned quite a bit from watching her video's and listening to her advice.
And yes I will be heading to a Mac counter very soon lol

And finally this month I have been loving Newcastle upon Tyne, my home city. Living in Sheffield is great and having people take the mick out of my accent is kind of what I like best as it brings out my Geordie humour. However I have realised after almost 5 years of living in Sheffield that you can take the Geordie out of Newcastle but you can never take Newcastle out of the Geordie. We have so much to be proud of from our Iconic structures ie The Tyne bridge to the fact that Geordies have a fantastic, sometimes sarcastic sense of humour.
I have a feeling I am going to have to print a Geordie hand book for our wedding so all the Yorkshire folk can understand what my family are saying lol

Anyway I hope that you have found this ramble a good read and that you will pop over to Vivianna's blog.


pic credited to bbc.co.uk

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