Friday, 16 September 2011

A calorie free Sugar rush!

This month I seem to have had mini spree's here and there which is great but the unusual thing for me is I have been finding great stuff on the high street rather than throwing caution to the wind and saying bugger it and going for the higher end stuff. I have managed to get loads of stuff for the price of maybe 2 top end eye shadows and this has left my cosmetic craving sorted and my bank balance happy!
I have got loads of stuff to blog about, including a fantastic foundation that is better than the Holy Grail I was on about a few posts ago. 
Today's focus however is going to be on Lush. I have been a pretty slow burner here, yes I love walking past the shops and getting a wiff but I very rarely buy anything. This changed last month when I went in looking for a gift for H2B to take away on a stag weekend ( Yes, I am kind right!) so Shaving pot picked up I made my way to the till when I spotted these,
They are very naughty putting these little gems right next to the till!

I quickly and impulsively gave the girl the Bubble Gum one to add to my bag.
As you would expect the girl went on about how great they were, her lips had never been softer ect.
 I thought yeah right!
Yeah right!
I was addicted as soon as I rubbed the sugar scrub on my lips. Gently buffing it on it felt oddly satisfying and then came the urge to lick my lips lol
It is now a firm habit twice a day the pot gets opened and I get my sugar rush.
Next time I passed lush I rushed in and bought the Mint Julip version, although not my favourite I have this in my bag just in case. Now after showing these off and urging people to have a go I think my local store is going to run out of these at Christmas because everyone wants them. I also need to replace the Bubble Gum one as I made the mistake of letting my 6 year old cousin near it and she took a massive dollop out just to eat it , ooppss

@ £4.95 a tub they are slightly expensive but boy are they worth it for the naughty pleasure of licking your lips afterwards :-)

Let me know what you think!


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