Saturday, 3 July 2010

OPI, The Party guest that didn't last the night

I crave the vampy yet classy painted nails that you see in all the glossy mags but tend to stick to neutral colours most of the time unless it is a special occasion. My toenails are where I let loose and get colourful.

Loving the look of all the top Nail polishes at the moment and the brands that have caught my eye are OPI as they have a long standing reputation and Leighton Deny as I noticed Leighton is winning so many awards every season for his polish and he is becoming a cult brand.
A few months ago I caved and bought OPI Alice in Wonderland set just as the movie was hitting the cinemas, and they also said it was selling out all over the place so felt proud to have a confirmed order!
OPI always have the best names for the polishes too.The ones included in this set were

  • Absolutely Alice
  • Mad as a Hatter
  • Off with her Red!!
  • and Thanks so muchness!

My boyfriend was having a 70's themed birthday party so I raided my nail polish draw. With it being a 70's party I thought the Alice in wonderland Set was one to go for and I picked the almost retro Absolutely Alice.

I started off with a base coat of clear and then started on the Absolutely Alice pot, I would describe it as sea blue shot through with glitter.
Not my actual nail!

It took quite a few coats of this to build up to a full coverage. After maybe two coats I found that the polish became very gloopy when coming out of the bottle even when the top had been replaced after every coat. The brush separated and stuck out everywhere like a cheap brand rather than than the high end salon quality you would expect from a brand like OPI.
I persevered and finally got my nails looking decent albeit a bit uneven, I was going to take it all off and paint them with another brand but was running out of time so just went over the top with a clear top coat.

By the end of the night almost every nail had chipped :-( and hey it was a party so all I had lifted was my glass.
The following morning I committed the ultimate sin aided by the poor quality of the polish, I managed to peel off the polish nail by nail no remover needed.
I did make sure no damage was done though and gave my nails a good coat of nail oil as I am sure the polish did not do my nail a bit of good.

I am glad that I only bought the Mini versions of these polishes and did not splash out on the full sizes.
I may try again with OPI as they have so many cool colours but I will leave it a while to get over the let down with this kit.

Nail photo credited to Paula Ocot of Beauty Logistics

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