Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Mineralize make up, a new love?

I have always had a odd relationship with liquid foundation as I have never been able to find a shade that did not leave that orange line on my jaw. I finally gave up on liquid foundation and went to a mineral powder foundation that was all over the news as being light and something that would cover all your flaws.
Then a friend suggested M.A.C, I gave it a go but honestly thought it was going to be the same old problem. Then I discovered that they had released a liquid mineral foundation, the best of both worlds.
I got the Mineralize liquid foundation in the lightest shade of NC15.......hurray, finally the perfect match!!!!
This was a foundation with a difference it feels weightless on the skin and hallelujah! It has light reflecting particles so it covers up a multitude of sins and leaves you looking refreshed without being caked in make up. They have shades to suit everyone's skin tone whether it be warm, cool, light or dark.
This plus a finishing powder makes a fabulous base.
M.A.C is a one stop shop for foundation

!!!Full stars

I do have a little secret though, whilst looking for this I also fell for another M.A.C mineral product.
The eye shadow duo's all have the most fab colours and I wish that I could change my skin tone so I could wear all of them, but I did get Earthly Riches which is the perfect combination of a plum colour made warm with a bit of gold and a steel grey shot through with purple veins
This became my favourite colour fand it does more than one job as you can sweep a sheer veil of it over the lids build up the coverage and makes the perfect smokey eye. I also wet a liner brush and you then get two eye liners.
The bad news is I dropped the pan so now it is more of a loose powder and the shade is discontinued. I will however use every last bit of it and I will definitely jump in the scary end and try other shades because the are amazing!!

I will be a M.A.C collector going forward and If I get to go on holiday I will be raiding the M.A.C counters at the airports ready for a new holiday look.

I heart M.A.C


  1. OMG no word of a lie,i an goin to find a mac counter this monday comming with my sister to invest in a good foundation! i am fair skinned (uv!) like you so youve just told me the product an shade to get!!!

  2. Don't spend too much lol!! it's too easy to spot stuff x