Thursday, 8 July 2010

One for my mam

I was talking to my mum yesterday telling her about this blog and what it is all about. My mum started telling me all about the products that she has used through the years and what have turned out to be the ones she always goes back to.
My Mum has lived abroad in hot countries twice, once for 2 years in Australia, where I was born and then she moved to Saudi Arabia about 11 years ago, safe to say her skin has been subjected to alot of harsh sun rays!

When I was little I can never remember my Mam having a lot of lotions and potions around I think she was more into her shampoo's as I can vividly remember a bottle of brown looking stuff and a bottle of green stuff beside the bath blurgh!!!!
What I can remember of my mam's skincare was Pears soap and Oil of Olay face cream.
After talking to her yesterday and listening to all the brands she has tried she has stuck to that very moisturiser. She has moved on from Pears soap though and now entrusts her skin in the hands of Clineque, although many therapists frown at the very thought I am not convinced it is as bad for your skin as they make it out to be.
To tell a little secret my mam is in her late forties, not surprising since I'm twenty six.I am going to follow that though with a compliment as my mam is almost wrinkle free, I don't think she has any but she has assured me she has. I think it is a massive achievement after all the sun she has basked in! I hope I have inherited her genes.

Women spend a fortune on skincare and I am one of them but there are some cheap and cheerful brands out there that have stood the test of time and to be honest they have done their job for years.

See full size imageOil of Olay for example. This is how I remember it as a kid, in fact I am sure I bought my mam a bottle for her birthday when I was three......well my Gran bought it on my behalf, I wasn't making much money at nursery!
People who have used this since their teenage years swear by it and you won't find many who have strayed. If you look closely you won't find many deep wrinkles either!

Some people also swear by cold cream as a cleanser. I have never liked cream cleansers that you take off with tissue but I bet they are better for your skin than soap.
See full size imagePonds cold cream is a classic and I know of people who use this as a moisturiser as well as a cleanser. I think that this would be too heavy on my skin but for those with dryer skin I can understand the convenience.

I think things like toner and eye cream may have been for those who were serious about skincare as from what I can gather people just used their moisturiser all over, and water was the toner!

Looking at my Mam I am almost tempted to leave all the expensive lotions and potions alone.....but only tempted, I just can't do it! I would feel too boring ignoring all the new miracle creams that adorn glossy magazines and department store shelves.
On that notes what exciting new products are out there? I know they are there I can hear them calling my name!

Till next time
Take care

Sam x

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