Friday, 30 July 2010

It's Bliss

bliss fatgirlscrubI received Bliss Fat Girl scrub and at first I thought it was a joke, who knew I was on the chubby side?lol

In all seriousness or maybe not, Bliss are along the lines of Soap and Glory for their fabulous naming of products, Love Handler and Poetic waxing among the best.

The look of the jar of this product is high end and after a bit of research I found out that Bliss is a Spa brand with high tech Spa’s offering a Menu of treatments. For those of us who transform our bathrooms into a spa Bliss give us the chance to indulge in their products at home.

I had just ran out of my favourite Soap and Glory Sugar crush scrub so I jumped in the bath with the tub of Fat girl scrub.

I love the look of the jar first off and that is really important to me, if I don’t love the look of it the pot tends to be shoved to the back of a draw.

The scrub it self looks like melted brown sugar but as soon as you sniff it you get a refreshing hit of Peppermint…yummy. It also has grapefruit extract in it and this paired with the peppermint gets you in the scrubbing mood.

Although the scrub looks like brown sugar it is actually packed with Himalayan pink salt and this is the stuff that buffs your skin and leaves it silky smooth from the first scrub. It also contains something called red algae that is clinically demonstrated to improve circulation. Everything in this little pink pot looks after your skin and helps buff out dimples like a good session with photo shop!

For the past 3 weeks I have scrubbed myself silly with this minty scrub, following the instructions of working in circular motions towards the heart(like you do with a body brush) It is the first scrub that I have used all over my body and even got my boyfriend to scrub my back as I left no inch of skin un scrubbed.

My skin is smoother and looks more even in tone. Any dimply bits are starting to get less noticeable. My favourite thing about this scrub though ,is the smell as it is refreshing and makes you feel clean and not oily. I can’t wait until the weather gets sunny again to test out this opinion even further,

All in all I am really impressed with this scrub and I have already been looking on the Bliss web site and making a wish list as it all looks so good.

Bliss? It sure is!

You can get your bliss by clicking

or dialling 08081004151

Fat girl scrub £26 for 8oz

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