Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Eye Eye

Window to the Soul... by Paul Denton Cocker I awoke on Monday morning and looked in the mirror, It was not I who looked back but this blonde woman who looked like she had two black eyes, only joking it was me but my Lord did I look awful!!I had dewy skin but for the wrong reasons. Saying that I had spent the previous day suffering from a nice case of food poisoning so maybe I should not of expected myself to look the picture of health.
I needed a pick me up so I could at least look better, my eyes looked the best place to start.

I had a rummage through my 'pick me up' beauty supply's and found two super stars that I knew would put the sparkle back.

Liz Earle was the first thing I reached for. I soaked two cotton pads in this gentle wonder eye product, you see Eye Bright is one of those fab multi use products. It can be used on soaked pads to remove all traces of eye make up.....and I mean ALL traces, gently with no rubbing needed just a feather light swipe over and under the eyes. Eye make up removers often make my eyes sting but not this baby. It can also be used to refresh and revitalise tired, sore or puffy eyes. This is what I was using it for today. Just place your soaked cotton pads over your eyes lay back and think of swishing waters and warm sand :-) or what ever takes your fancy.
It almost feels like the old fashioned trick of placing cucumber slices on the eyes but does so much more than that. I can't promise that your undereye shadows totally go but the eye does look and feel more refreshed and cool.
Liz has packed this bottle full of natural goodness. It has the herb eyebright in there as well as witch hazel, aloe vera and cornflower to revitalise and look after your eye area all organic of course! A tip from me if you need a bit of a extra oommfff pop it in the fridge first.
150ml £9.50

After this I was almost there......almost.
I'd picked up some odd looking eye masks with the promise of a 15 min under eye pick-me-up

Bliss triple oxygen instant energizing eye mask
You get 4 of these pods, one per week. There is a gel like mask, that after squeezing on the fluid, sits under the contours of your eye.
You leave the mask there for 15 minutes or until the oxygen filled liquid has seeped into your skin and done it's work. There are 3 forms of oxygen in this fab mask and they each do a job. One brightens the other de-puffs and finally the hydration kicks in.
It is a relaxing feeling lying with these little pads cupped under your eye and I had no problem letting the recommended 15 minutes tick by.
Afterwards your are advised to gently tap your favourite eye cream under the eye where the pad has been to complete the treatment.

After I had relaxed for about 45 minutes I looked more alive and less like I had not slept for two nights which was more of the truth.
Sam by Paul Denton Cocker.
I will always keep these tucked away for emergencies but I don't think I will ever lend them out as I have a feeling that I wouldn't get them back!!!!

Bliss eye masks £35 for 4

Bliss available at
or call 08081004151

Liz Earle can be found at

Photo's of me credited to Paul D Cocker

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