Monday, 28 June 2010

Liz Earle Skin Goddess !!!

Essentials Try-Me kit

The gorgeous Essentials try me kit, retails at a great price of £21.75.

What's inside?

  • Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 30ml. Full size 100ml +2 cloths £13.00
  • Instant Boost Skin Tonic 50ml. Full size 200ml £11.50 or £11.75 spray bottle
  • Skin Repair Moisturiser dry 15ml. Full size 50ml £17.25
  • Skin Repair Moisturiser normal 15ml. Full size 50ml £17.25
  • 1 pure muslin cloth. included for free but available £3.50 x2
  • Zip-up kit bag (bag dimensions: 12cm x 16cm x 4cm as a bellow)
    I can't rave about this kit enough!! This kit has totally overhauled my skincare. Never before have I used such a flexible regime.

    Cleanse and polish is divine, a rich non-greasy non-stripping, heavenly cream.
    This cleanser is refreshing with a light exfoliating action because of the muslin cloth, for a morning skin pep-up. On the other hand the fragrance is so relaxing and the action of massaging it on the skin is as fabulous as a relaxing wind down, ready for bed. At any time of the day it leaves my skin perfectly clean but not dry.
    I never used cream cleansers preferring gels, because of this I had to visit a skin therapist for 12 months just to undo the damage I'd caused. I no longer have that issue as this cleanser is the perfect solution - that is if my boyfriend leaves it alone! He loves it for a preshave cleanser, saying that you get a perfect close-shave... but don't fear ladies the clever people at Liz Earle HQ have already come to our rescue with a spiffy men's range that includes their very own cleanse and polish.

    Instant boost skin tonic
    This is another multi-use product. It's available in a twist top bottle or a spray. After cleansing a sweep of this product refreshes the skin even more and makes a perfect canvas for your moisturiser.
    It is also great for this time of year when it is getting hot hot hot! Or indeed for ladies of a certain age. A quick spritz of this over your face instantly cools and refreshes the skin and gets rid of the sticky feeling that comes with heat and day-to-day life. I love to keep it in the fridge for that extra bit of cooling relief.

    Skin Repair Moisturiser
    I have never used such a thick cream that sinks in and leaves skin glowing. As with the whole range the cream smells gorgeous and deserves its place at the high end of skincare.
    Due to medication and various other reasons my skin type can vary between oily/sensitive or verging on the dry side, but I find the normal/combination moisturiser supports my skin and re-balances no matter what the problem.
    I think the dry/sensitive version would be great for the ladies out there who are noticing the little dry lines popping up and dull looking skin.
    I gave this again to my lucky boyfriend who normally hates using moisturiser as he claims he can feel it on the skin. He used it after shaving and for the first time ever I never heard him complain, in fact I caught him reapplying it at night. Again the male version is available for the men in our lives.
    The cream is also available in a lighter version but does the same fabulous job as the others. This would be best for people with really oily skin, maybe teenagers starting out with a skincare routine.
    All versions are excellent and well worth the money - your skin will thank you for it!

    Sun Try-Me kit

    This is the SUN TRY-ME KIT priced at £15.50
    Products included in this kit are
    • New Mineral Sun Cream SPF20 Medium Protection. Full size 150ml £18.50
    • Sun Shade Botanical Aftersun Gel 30ml. Full size 200ml £13.00
    • Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer 30ml. Available full size with or without spray 200ml £11.50-£11.75 respectively
    • Zip-up kit bag (bag dimensions: 12cm x 16cm x 4cm as a bellow)
    I have never been great at using sun cream and that is frowned up on by skin therapists, but I have always found sun creams sticky and leave me feeling dirty and wanting a shower. In steps Liz Earle! Liz's sun cream feels more like a normal body cream and sinks in with a moisturising effect. In the heat wave we have been having lately I am sure this cream has stopped me getting burned, and that is always good . You can dress as soon as it has sunk in , and that does not take long at all. The bottle makes a great addition to any beach bag but it's not all looks ladies! This clever little cream reflects the harmful UVA and UVB rays rather than absorb them. So it protects you from premature ageing as well as sun burn.

    This cooling gel has premium list of natural ingredients including high altitude Lavender to add a soothing property, cucumber to refresh and vitamin E to help counteract the damage done by the sun.
    It feels so cooling as you smooth it on and I found that it moisturises the dry bits and stops and potential flaking. Being vampire pale myself I find that it takes the redness that I get down which is helpful as looking like a lobster is not a attractive look.
    I recommend keeping it in the fridge or a cool box if you are taking it on a trip to the coast.


    As in my review above this tonic is fab as a refresher so fits in to this kit perfectly.
    You can spritz it on the face or the body for a quick blast of freshness and it also keeps you smelling fresh as a daisy.

    This kit would be perfect for holidays or even festivals. I find it small enough to pop it in my every day bag so I always have a hidden secret to keep me protected.

    The chance to try Liz Earle has left me with better looking skin , a converted boyfriend and a summer survival kit.
    I am already wanting more and I have made a wish list including Eye Repair and the face masks and I think I am going to give the Super Skin Concentrate oil a go because I think it will be fabulous for a over night treatment especially when the shock of winter arrives after all this sun .

    My name is Sam and I am a Liz Earle addict!

    All products available at the following web sites

    All photo's are thanks to Liz Earle web site
    remium high-altitude lavender is soothing and cucumber refreshing while antioxidant natural source vitamin E helps Premium high-altitude lavender is soothing and cucumber refreshing while antioxidant natural source vitamin E helps Premium high-altitude lavender is soothing and cucumber refreshing while antioxidant natural source vitamin E helps

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