Sunday, 21 March 2010

A new start, a new me (hopefully)

Hope everyone has had a great sunday!

After being off work now for almost 6 months(gulp) with a prolapsed disk, I have found that I have too much thinking time on my hands.
When at work I used to have a think to myself on a morning in the bath so found that I really did not have the time to carry my thoughts or concerns through the day. Now that is all I seem to do!
Don't get me wrong I do try to do as much as possible, other half gets home cooked meals ect but there is still something eating away at me or to put it another way me eating away at it, well everything!

I have never been slim and at 5ft 3in I have been more curvaceous than petite but now it's getting beyond a joke. I NEED to do something about it as I fear when I turn 30 it will be even harder.

If you are anything like me words such as 'if only I could wake up a size 12' have escaped from your mouth more than the chances of it ever happening lol

I need to take action! And fast! For some reason I have forgotten all the information that I have soaked up over the years and through the slimming classes and feel at a loss.
Yes I know to eat less, drink more water ect but I need to know how to change my mind set and reach the goal.
Has anyone out there climbed this mountain and reached the top? What helped you get there and how did you stay focused?

I have set my blog up as a beauty blog because over the years I have thought to myself that if I can't wear the clothes that I dreamt of at least I could wear the make up and look after my skin. Making excuses needs to stop and I need to take action!

I can't do much exercise at the moment until I have had my 1st and hopefully successful one at the end of the month , but this does not mean that I can't address my diet.

I am calling out to anyone who is reading this blog to share your experiences and successes, You never know who it may inspire! And lets face it I need any help I can get x

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