Monday, 28 June 2010

Soap me up!!

I have been a fan of Soap and Glory since I first spotted the fantastic packaging in Boots one day on my way in to the office and it cheered my day right up.
Since then whenever people have asked what I would like for Birthdays and Christmas the answer has been 'Soap me up'. They've not disappointed me so far. Last year every single gift was Soap and Glory... I was in clean heaven!!
My favourite Soap and Glory product is their Body Scrubs. I used to really have a hard time with scrubs as I hated the slick they left in the bath and after an hour of pampering the last thing you want to do is scrub the bath out!
Have no fear!!!! S&G have solved this.

The first scrub I indulged in was Sugar Crush £9 450ml

Sugar Crush™
Oh my goodness, I was in love!
With ingredients including almond oil and zesty lime oil, this scrub will perk you up as well as scrub you up!
The scrubby bits are not harsh but are good enough to feel like it is working. You get the feeling of little grains of sugar and the nice scrubbing bits of Macadamia nut.
My favourite time to use this scrub is before I shave, I use it all over paying attention to my legs and under my arms as it is gentle enough for use even there. I get the closest shave ever and actually find my shave stays smooth for 2 days rather than feeling the usual dullness after one.

This is my all time favourite, never be without scrub.

I then moved on to the famous FLAKE AWAY, I must admit it was an accidental purchase as I thought I had gotten my mitts on THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER.

Flake Away™
Flake Away £6.50 for 300 ml

The smell of this is so sugary there is no need for candy.
I love the fact that this feels like a pure sugar scrub. It is not as zesty as sugar crush but it is great to use and to get the best of both worlds I alternate them each time I reach for a scrub.
It had a lot of yummy things packed in to the jar some of which include shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder along with sea salt and sugar.

These are both fantastic scrubs and will always feature in my bathroom.
Go on girls get dirty so you can get scrubbing ;-)

Sam x

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