Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Blogs and Youtube

Morning everyone!

I just thought that I would share with you my favourite Blogs and YouTube gurus. I was never someone who watched YouTube, but as I built a list of my favourite beauty bloggers I saw that they also had YouTube channels and I became addicted. It is great how these people let you in to their lives and makeup draws.
Below I have popped links to both their Blogs and channels. I bet you love watching them as much as I do!

Vivianna does make up;

You Tube

Vivianna is at the top of my Uk favourites. Hers is the first blog that I check for new posts and videos.
Having discovered a lot of my holy grail products by watching her channel my must buy list of recommendations is growing!
A channel well worth watching!

Sarah Hawkinson;


You Tube

I love watching Sarah's channel. Her make up always looks flawless and she has a fringe (bangs) that I would love, strange but true lol   Sarah is just so easy to watch, because she is honest and I have spent hours watching every one of her videos. It did not take long for her channel to become a firm favourite. Its easy to say that I absorb Sarah's advice like a sponge.

Sarah also has a Horror channel. I am not the biggest horror fan but I do watch her reviews because it feels rude not to.

And last but not least Sprinkle of Glitter!


You Tube

The perfect channel to cheer you up in no time.  Honest reviews sprinkled with chatter and ever so cute appearances of Baby Glitter. Louise make me laugh without fail. Amazing!

Hope you check out these links, you won't be disappointed!

Take care

Sam x


  1. It looks like we like the same blogs :) x

    1. They are my absolute favourites!! It actually makes my day when I see a new post or video from them