Tuesday, 19 April 2011

60 Minutes of Bliss

I was coming up to a injection in my spine and needed something, as a treat to take my mind off what I knew to be impending pain, which I am getting to be a dab hand at.
My other half saw this as a chance to grab some brownie points, knowing that I am not good at relaxing he thought a facial might just encourage me to do so.
With this in mind he booked me a one hour appointment at our local salon Sunkissed.
The facial was one of my choice but I chose to put my skin in the hands of owner Kirsty. After a good old chat about what products I used and the good news that my skin was not in bad condition we opted for a Micro dermabrasion. This would be beneficial to me in order to get my skin wedding ready Kirsty said.

The facial lasted a whole hour and included a massage of my choice, I chose the hand and arm massage.
First my skin was cleansed with a very relaxing smelling cleanser. Now at this point I was already drifting off, being transported to some far away place by the very atmospheric music so I may get this bit back to front. A implement to remove all the nasties that hide in my skin was passed over my freshly cleaned skin. I did try not to laugh at this point though because it does remind me of a little hoover nozzle and I had to take a peek to make sure a small Dyson had not been smuggled in, It was a very pleasant experience though as I could feel all the stubborn bits lift off and my skin felt super clean by the time it was finished.
Then came a cool thick mask, it was applied all over my face and it brought a calming cooling feeling to my pores. Whilst the mask was drying my therapist used lovely oils to massage my hands and arms,I had to make sure that I did not fall asleep at this point, although the odd crack of bones kept me alert.
The mask was then removed and my face was given a final cleanse.
I must admit, it worked I was relaxed until I was shown the crystals from the 'hoover' I was appalled!! lol
Instead of pure white they were a sandy shade. I protested in earnest that I only use the best cleansers so did not know how that happened. My therapist laughed and said she had seen much worse then this I was happy again lol

I would definitely recommend a visit to Sunkissed even just to see what shade your crystals come out!!!!! lol

A big thank you to my H2B for the gift and to Kirsty and my therapist for making me feel relaxed and better in my own skin.

The micro dermabrasion was £45 for 1 hour including massage

Sam x

Image credited to johnwoowalls.com

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